Advocacy, at its core, is built to empower individuals to effect change.  Proactive engagement is key to policies that are adopted in D.C.  Let TCA help craft your story with tailored support that feels like an extension of your company.     

At TCA, we encourage our clients to take initiative and voice their concerns in spaces it matters most. When we come together, we have the power to move the dial on legislative issues that directly impact the lives of rural America. It is through continuous effort and ongoing discussions with congressional leaders that enables us to effect change and influence the policies that directly impact you and your business and customers.

We represent the interests of our clients at a variety of industry meetings surrounding policy and change. We meet with congressional members and their respective policy staff on Capitol Hill multiple times a year to discuss critical issues important to the telecom industry. Each year, we continue to build an awareness and educate key constituents on policies that affect our clients because there is no way more effective to achieve industry goals than meeting face to face with the leaders who have the power to make a difference in your community. With TCA’s active involvement in the capitol and expertise in the industry, we can support and facilitate your legislative meetings.

  • D.C. Fly-In Organization
  • Legislative Meeting Support & Facilitation

When we meet before Congress, we aim to educate them on policies that impact your day-to-day lives, something that only you can understand as a member of your community. When we share your story, we hope your experiences resonate and align with their priorities and interests because when this happens, the real work begins. A conversation starts. A relationship is formed. And it is our hope that we can collaborate with leaders who want to make a positive difference in rural America.

As a member of TCA’s advocacy group, we will provide you the tools and information needed to get involved and keep you informed of advocacy events in the industry to ensure rural America and your community receives the representation it deserves.

  • Access to Advocacy Tools to Get Involved
  • Updates on Impactful Advocacy Activities

For more information on how to take initiative and join the discussion on issues critical to the telecom industry, please contact Stacey Brigham.