Strategic Planning

There has never been a more pivotal time in our industry to create a vision, define a mission, identify a direction, and develop a plan to achieve it.  TCA customizes the planning process by facilitating a personalized session focusing on items critical to your success.

TCA’s specialized team can help your company boost efficiency and revenue while working with essential stakeholders to clarify what the organization is about.  Focusing in the telecommunications industry, our experts help you create a long-term vision to improve financial performance, manage growth, maintain company morale, and define a clear path forward.

  • Analysis of Pre-Planning Questions, Vision and Mission Statement
  • Session Agenda Development 
  • Collaborative Meeting Planning and Preparation 
  • Expert-Led Facilitation 

Our method engages your employees, collecting and analyzing responses, and aligning them with the company’s mission and strategic issues to strengthen current practices and evaluate needs for process change.  Managers and staff share common ground for the betterment of the company, and continued follow-up by TCA’s strategic mediators help keep everyone moving in the right direction.    

  • Action Item Development for Implementation
  • Employee Communication Meetings
  • Succession Plan Development
  • Presentation of Strategic Goals to Staff 

We are excited to work with your company, identify risks, and turn them into opportunities.  With transparent objectives, everyone can feel like an integral part of the company’s success.  Contact our team of experts today to get the ball rolling on your next strategic planning session!